Customer Testimonial


Dave wrote 

"I hired Loren Thompson to fly my Piper Cherokee 140 from HEF Manassas, Virginia to O22 Columbia, California.  His quote was fast, his price was very reasonable and his timeline was flexible.  His experience as an airline pilot and a private plane owner gave me a lot of confidence in his ability.  I was really dreading this part of the purchase, but it turned out to be an effortless, worry-free experience.

The flight went off without any problems, other than a short delay because Columbia was closed for a day due to smoke from a forest fire.  The original owner said he normally budgets around 10gph as the 140 had the upgraded 160hp engine.  Loren burned just over 8gph. (Bonus - he told me how he did it, which I really appreciated.)  He maintained economy cruise speed  and monitored EGT and CHT temps throughout the trip so I was never concerned.

His communication during the flight was great.  He sent me a link that I used to track his progress, but he also sent text messages.  He advised me of the best take-off and landing techniques, which again I really appreciated because I only had 2 hours in a low wing.

I wouldn't hesitate to hire Loren again.  He's serious about the job, but has a great sense of humor and is as honest as they come."