At Cleared Direct Air, our goal is to provide professional and affordable transportation services across the CONUS. Our fully managed, trustworthy service allows you to have aircraft transferred worry free by highly professional grade pilots. Just leave the rest to us


Cleared Direct Pilots specialize in certified and experimental aircraft. Coming from an airline and corporate background with a passion for general aviation aircraft our flight team has over 11,000 hours logged in over 100 aircraft variants of Piper, Cessna, Mooney, Beechcraft, Embraer, Boeing, American Champion, Vans, Pitts, Extra, and Lancair, Glasair aircraft. 

Scenic Flights

Our flight crew has a personal passion for the opportunity to assist you in your transport needs, enjoying the view along the way. 

About Cleared Direct Air

Cleared Direct Air is a grouping of highly trained professional pilots providing unparalleled flight experience in a wide range of aircraft. All of our pilots are personal aircraft owners and understand the investment and reward of aviation. That is why you can rest easy knowing that your aircraft is the capable hands of our high-time pilots durning the transport.