Fleet & Crew

Our top notch crew members include professional pilots from all faucets of the aviation industry. Each pilot receives yearly training in high-performance aircraft, insuring that safety in the handling of your aircraft remains paramount. 



Loren Thompson established Cleared Direct Air in 2020 to assist in his growing business. His ratings include ATP certificate with MEL/SEL/SES categories. Through his 7400 hours of logged flight time, Loren has found himself in the cockpits of over 50 different aircraft, ranging from a Piper Cub to the Boeing 767. Cut from grass roots of an aviation family, Loren soloed a PA-16 on his 16th birthday at the very same strip his father had. Attending Embry-Riddle university and acquiring valuable flight-time and training, Loren was able to log flight time in Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond Cirrus, Turbine Lancair, Van's RV, Pitts, American Champion, and Extra aircraft all while receiving instruction from the world's best instructors. 

Loren has extensive high altitude density flight training durning his time spent operating single and twin aircraft out of KPRC. 


In 2011, Loren began his professional flight career with Piedmont Airlines as a first officer on the DHC-8 turboprop, advancing in 2013 to the ERJ-170/190 with Republic Airlines. Here, he obtained the rank of First Officer, Captain, and Sim Flight Instructor on the Embraer 170/190 with over 5800 hours of logged flight time. 

In 2019, Loren accepted a position at United Airlines, receiving the Airbus 320 and Boeing 757 type ratings in his first year. 

Staying connected to his general aviation roots, Loren owns and operates the very same PA-16 he soloed in. In 2019, he flew the test flight on his Wolf Pitts 360 variant designed and built by Steve Wolf. He regularly operates a family owned 8KCAB Super Decathlon and Cessna 340A to remain in currency. Loren is an avid member of the local EAA chapter 186 in KHEF. 

Grant Heir is an ATP rated professional pilot with over 4000 hours logged in 35 different aircraft types. He is certificated with MEL and SEL categories with tailwheel endorsement.  


At a young age, Grant found a passion for aviation, surfing the California shores in his Van's RV. He has crossed the CONUS multiple times in his personally owned RV-6 aircraft with over a 1000 hours operating within the vicinity of the Rocky and Appalachian mountains. Grant specializes in the experimental category aircraft and brings years of experience. He was also a past owner of mooney 

Grant has operated at Republic Airlines on the ERJ-170 and has transitioned to a corporate company as captain on the King Air 350i.